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Picking up the pen (or keyboard) again

I always thought I wanted to get into radio, but I never thought it would happen this soon. After four years in the professional world of print publications, Stevie Jay somehow talked me into jumping into the ridiculous world of radio. Instead of spending all day on 500 words, I’m filling about an hour and 40 minutes of airtime – thankfully I have my long-winded cohost Lon Tay with me – each day I punch the clock. And while I’m still adjusting to this broadcast thing and don’t exactly have the golden pipes of Marv Albert – I’m more alto then tenor – I’m having a blast in this new endeavor which brings new challenges and new laughs everyday.

But while I love the debate of sports radio, the interaction with callers and the excitement/dread of not knowing where each minute of the show will go, I do miss just one part of my old gig: writing. I honed my skills as a reporter and scribe for four expensive years of education at the University of Illinois (including two years covering the Illinois basketball team) then two more years in the real word, first as a recruiting blogger at IlliniHQ and sports editor at the Paxton Record and then as the Northern Illinois beat reporter at the DeKalb (Ill.) Daily Chronicle.

Someday I might get back into writing, I’m not sure. But I’m afraid of the “if you don’t use, you lose it” belief. Hence, this blog. I hope to use this as my own personal tablet to keep my writing skills sharp, but I also hope it’s a place I can inform and entertain. I hope to share insight into Illinois athletics, provide my personal opinions on hot topics in sports and maybe attempt some humor with some goofy posts (let me know if I should stay away from this).

I don’t have delusions of this becoming your one-stop shop for sports information, but I hope this blog serves as just another one of your trusted resources in your endless supply of Internet information.

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